Friday, 24 February 2012


Hello all! After last weekend's auditions we are pleased to announce the cast for Stormin' Norman is as follows:

Norman - Christopher O'Shaughnessy
Sarah - Eva Lea
Nick - Nicholas Waters
Josh - Jonathan Whittaker
Tre - Liam Fleming
Barry - Luke Manning

We're very excited to bring some fresh new acting talent in alongside long-term Encompass members Christopher and Luke. Christopher in particular has been on board the project for a while, assisting in the development and editing of the screenplay in addition to his role as the title character.

We're also happy to welcome a new face to the Stormin' Norman crew: Theresa Jouliac (also an Encompass patron!) will be in charge of Costume Design.

The team are in the final stages of pre-production and filming will begin in East London mid-March.

You can see the full list of cast and crew by clicking here. For updates on the project keep an eye on our website and social media pages!

More news on its way to you soon...


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