Thursday, 8 November 2012


After a gruelling three days of auditions we were finally able to announce the cast for our upcoming post-apocalyptic surrealist drama Who Is Moloch? by Pamela Carralero. The announcement was made via the show's website, which has seen some strange activity lately including an "emergency broadcast" received on Guy Fawkes Night declaring a state of war.
Just what is going on out there?
Whatever the case may be you can find the cast list below:

Major Benjamin Fuller - Austin Caley
Airman First Class Graham Maynard - Jonathan Whittaker
Command Sgt Major Dr. Bernard Baker - Andrew Miller
Areena Louis - Tara Postma
Sgt Major Lorna Blaise - Lily Carrie
Corporal Erika Furlow - Samantha Wynn
Private Dianne Lincourt - Abi Blears
Private Jesse B Conrad - Luke Manning
Private Ike Broughton - Jonathan Woodhouse
Private Annabelle Zeiger - Freya Parsons
Private Paul Lindsay - Robert Wallis

We're very excited about this new ensemble brought together for this very exciting production. We have some old hands from What It Feels Like, some more recent cast members from Stormin' Norman and a whole load of fresh new faces! Please join us in welcoming them to the Encompass family!

You'll hear a lot more about  Who Is Moloch?  in the lead-up to its London premiere at the end of January. For now, we hope you are all coming to Bare Essentials II: The Emerging Artist Showcase which is in support of the show itself. Taking place at the Battersea Barge on Wednesday 14th November, at 7.30pm, we've got an even more diverse line-up of guest artists this time around - for more details click here!

See you next week!


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