Friday, 23 March 2012


Photography by Harriet Armstrong -
Our third day of shooting Stormin’ Norman was always going to be an ambitious and demanding one. It takes us to new locales, includes the most characters, and we wouldn’t have Pearl and Theresa (our producer Jon’s mother and sister) coming over with cooked meals. We were shooting scenes from three separate days in our story.

Photography by Harriet Armstrong - 
We started shooting a scene that is exemplary of the routine of Norman’s day to day life. This took quite a while to perfect as our shot was reliant on cloud cover but they kept moving to accommodate the sun which, for the first time since last year’s Indian summer, blazed. The crew were all impressed with Eva’s beautiful singing voice: despite how many times she had to sing her song, the music was a welcome addition to our shoot. It’s gratifying to have that diegetic sound while filming, rather than adding it in during post, as it allows the crew to read the scene better.

Photography by Harriet Armstrong - 
Our next scenes filmed were a lot of fun, how can you not enjoy being given the licence to repeatedly slam a door in someone’s face? This was something our actor, Nick seemed to thoroughly enjoy. The next scene filmed was quite a challenge as it involved filming a scene of little over a minute long from 15 different angles. We managed to get it done in just under four hours. Spirits were kept high with Nick’s adlibbing and Liam’s priceless mock-gormless reactions. At one point, the cast started corpsing, but they composed themselves after a couple of takes.

Photography by Harriet Armstrong -
We shot in the Blue Brick Café, a specialist café that caters an exclusively vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The chef, Dan, generously brought us vegetarian curry and fried rice, which was cooked by our transport coordinator Joshua and our producer + 2nd AD Jon with help from our runners Ashney and Anthony. It was a treat and somehow led to a heated debate about which was the better meal, a full English breakfast or a Sunday roast. At the moment, the crew have cast their votes and it’s neck and neck, 7 for a roast dinner, and 7 for an English breakfast, it’s up to our DoP Alfred to cast the deciding vote and we will know once and for all: WHICH is the best meal of the two? What do you think will win? Answers on a postcard.

Preparing lunch courtesy of the Blue Brick Café!
We were shooting early in the morning in an unfamiliar location, after a very late shoot the night before and I am proud to have been part of such an unflappable crew and cast who brought their A game to the table and didn’t fumble.

Matt Hayoukane - Script Supervisor
Encompass Productions present "Stormin' Norman"
Written and Directed by Paul G Raymond

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